मुसीबत de Comunicación (2020) BFA Thesis Project

To define this work in a quick sentiment, I am relfecting on the relationship between industrial materials and people of color. Immigrants coming to the states often times make their living through blue collar jobs such as fabrication. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by industrial materials  such as wood and metal. Coming to a fine arts school, it felt weird to me that these materials were being praised for their expensive prices and high-end use of them for sculptures whereas I have been use to them being used solely for making a living. By creating my work with re-claimed industrial materials that are going to end up back where they came from, which is my fathers metal shop, I want to comment on the lines drawn between design, fine art and the jobs of fabricators in factories in these industries that have been left in the dark amongst the work.

And so while you’re absorbing that I’ll leave you with this, What’s the point of making, creating, doing anything if it is not going to reach beyond you?

Fabrication, Identity, Welding, CNC Laser Cutting, Textile Printing